Monday, November 24, 2014

WTNZ Segment #49: Snickers Cocktail

Click to watch segment #49 from November 12, 2014: Snickers Cocktail 

If you plan on trying to infuse a spirit in your dishwasher, make sure you use a bottle with a  twist-off cap enclosure and not a cork, or you will have a mess on your hands. It's very difficult to properly secure the cork with the amount of heat being generated inside the dishwasher. 

WTNZ Segment #48: Halloween Cocktail 2014

Click to watch segment #48 from October 31, 2014: Halloween Cocktails 

This is my third year Halloween segment figuring a pumpkin keg, proving the law of diminishing returns.

Monday, October 20, 2014

WTNZ Segment #47: ZMIX Cocktails

Click to watch segment #47 from October 8, 2014: ZMIX Cocktails

I really enjoyed working with Tom and Sallie Namey on this segment showcasing ZMIX. If you're looking to cut calories but still love cocktails, you should definitely check out ZMIX's website for more drink ideas.

Friday, August 29, 2014

WTNZ Segment #44: Tennessee Tailgate Drinks 2014

Click to watch segment #44 from August 29, 2014: Tennessee Tailgating Drinks 2014

This was my last segment with Mike Witcher, who has been tremendous to work with the last several years and will be missed by all of East Tennessee. Here's a shot from when I first worked with him on May 17, 2012: